There are many advantages to using a medical alert device


1. Push Button Peace Of Mind

Today there are a variety of medical alert products to give seniors and their families a new life at the push of a button. From traditional Landline units to GPS-enabled Mobile Alert units to Auto Fall Detection units, living alone at home is safer than ever.


2. Medical Alert Help

Maintain Your Independence, LLC (MYI) provides products, services and information that enable seniors to remain independent and stay in their homes. We call it aging gracefully in place. Our customers call it confidence in access to emergency medical care and peace of mind that they or their loved ones are being taken care of 24/7. They no longer need to be concerned that they might fall and be unable to move for hours or even days.


3. Medical Home Emergency Protection

With a medical alert system, independent living for seniors is just a push of a button away. Families and caregivers don't need to fear that something terrible might happen to their loved ones and seniors can have the confidence to continue living alone. Most older adults want to avoid a retirement home and insist on living in their own home. The struggle starts when their medical condition makes living alone difficult or dangerous. Caregivers, family members and even seniors themselves become afraid of allowing them to continue living at home. A medical alarm can remove the fear of being alone, of falling or having no access to medical assistance.


4. Increased Quality Of Life

Did you know that many seniors develop a fear of falling, which causes them to limit their activities? This fear can lead to reduced exercise and mobility which can actually increase their risk of falling and reducing their quality of life. Anyone who falls will tell you that it is a terrifying experience especially if they cannot get up and have to lie there for hours or even days. The trauma and injury caused by such a fall can be life threatening. It is critical to receive help as quickly as possible to reduce injury and increase the chances of survival and recovery. Many people feel their cell phone is enough but it is not always with them. Certainly not in the shower. When you wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace it is always on – day and night – providing you help at the push of a button.


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