Cellular Alert Unit

cellular-alert-unitOur Cellular Alert unit operates in much the same way as our Traditional Landline medical alert system but it does not require a landline. Many people today are doing away with their landline to cut costs. Rather than having to put in a new landline to use many of our competitors’ products we offer a cellular system. The base station for this unit offers a lighted display with time, date and ambient temperature. The system is monitored 24-hours-a-day, 7- days-a-week and allows for two-way communication. The cellular unit has battery back-up which lasts for up to 36 hours. Two waterproof pendants are included with the system and are available for either the wrist or as a necklace. The pendants will work up to 600 feet from the base unit allowing seniors in-home flexibility. Maintain Your Independence will customize our services for you. We can contact emergency services directly or work off of a call-list you provide to us. The Cellular Alert unit is provided for $34.95 per month. We will bill for the service on a quarterly basis and there are never any long term commitments.

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